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Sean Pace graduated with a BFA from UNCA and is completing his MFA from UC Santa Cruz.   He is an iconoclastic artist that interacts with participants on a grand scale. His works include a variety of kinetic and explorative creations that transcend science, engineering, art and daily life.  The ArtCrawler is Sean Pace's west coast community project turned grad school thesis research project at UC Santa Cruz. Each project presented by Sean Pace is original and inspiring. His energy is a wild expansive field of ingenuity and resourcefulness, one that any age group can truly feel inspired.  Sean takes ordinary common refuse and demonstrates how the human mind can generate extraordinary possibilities. If you are looking to take an adventure into the world of hyper creativity and exciting thought patterns Sean Pace is an artist you would want to meet.  You can see more of his work at

Isa Avellan

Isa Avellan is a humanitarian visionary artist, global connector, and enabler of empowerment. Isa is currently studying project management at Stanford university and just last month received a permaculture design certification from The KulKul farm at The Green School Bali. Two years ago, she founded ISLA Sustentable, an NGO in the archipelago of Los Roques, Venezuela whose mission is to generate self sustainability on the island through regenerative practices, giving the youth a voice in the process. She is a change-maker and liaison for the environmentalist movement. Isa has traveled Asia and South America for the past two years working with NGOs such as Earthship Biotechture and Alianza del Condor y El Aguila, on disaster relief projects, and practicing sustainable architecture build outs, raising awareness, and managing. She is passionate about living with integrity, social technology, agriculture, eco villages, learning, healing and deep listening.



Melissa Terrezza is an artist, environmental activist, and has a BA in art from UNCA. Her work is cultivated towards building intellectual and philosophical bridges using imagery, symbols and design. Her objective is to juxtapose captivating cultural, historical, and political references, encouraging multiple truths and realities. Her art work often references the expansive gap between socio-environmental and political ethics. Maintaining a close connection with her Native American ancestry, the relationship of native teachings and modern civilization rise to the surface in her creations and daily life. You can see more of her work at

Zach Corse

Physicist, Artist

Zach Corse is an artist and a physicist. He takes equal pleasure in studying relativistic physics and quantum mechanics as he does designing sculptures and digital installations. He finds that his studies in physics informs his work as an artist, and his work as an artist motivates his study of physics. His mathematical investigations and creative practice are rooted in post-minimalism and conceptual art. Corse’s work explores specific themes of gravitation, duality, discretization, and human perception.  Zach is currently working towards his MFA at UCSC and earned his master’s degree in physics at the University of Texas at Austin. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Duke University. You can see more of his work at




Jennifer Parker

Director of Education

Jennifer Parker has been leading the DANM Mechatronics collaborative research cohort since 2009 developing research projects that combine art, design, science and technology. Her work has been presented nationally and internationally. She is the recipient of several grants, awards, and fellowships.

Parker maintains a multifaceted art practice at the intersection of art and science. The conceptual framework of her research includes a literal, formal, and idiomatic approach to materials and a political, private, and metaphorically abstract attitude toward expression as it relates to information and creativity. This research approach animates a space of possibility by asking the viewer to pay attention to the overlooked details, juxtapositions and interdependencies of our physical and sensory experience in the world around us. To pull information out of pie charts and graphs, to look at, feel and explore ideas as new and innovative forms of expression. 

For Parker, being an artist means being an activist, thinker, historian, and teacher who creates deployable art platforms for creating sound, and digital media with organic materials and traditional sculpture fabrication techniques to ask questions and to tell stories.

Websites:   Sites: UCSC OpenLab Research Center , Jennifer Parker SonicSENSEDANM Mechatronics

G. Craig Hobbs

Artist, Writer, Filmmaker

G. Craig Hobbs is an artist, writer, and filmmaker whose work addresses themes at the intersection of nature, culture, and technology. Hobbs produces large-scale public projects, installations and video, and has collaborated with artists including AntiVJ, Natalie Jeremijenko, Usman Haque, Blast Theory, Andrea Polli, Robin Lasser, Yung-Ta Chang, Rockwell Group, Paul D. Miller, and fabric | ch.  His artwork and writing has been presented his work at Harvard University, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine and ISEA 2016 in Vancouver, Canada. Hobbs received his BFA from California Institute of the Arts and his MFA from the Digital Arts and New Media program at University of California, Santa Cruz. He has taught at the University of California, Santa Cruz and California College of the Arts, and is currently Assistant Professor of Digital Media Art at San José State University where he serves as Director of the CADRE Media Lab.